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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Love

b2ap3_thumbnail_vistory-run.jpgIt’s a World Cup summer again! I am jumping with excitement along with most of the world. Today being Father’s Day, I especially dedicate this blog entry to my dad. He always loves watching soccer and growing up, I loved watching it with him.

I’m going to ask 4 questions to get us started.

1. How can you win the World Cup of Life?

2. What is a primary ingredient a team needs to win the World Cup? 

3. How does a team or a player even make it to the World Cup? 

4. How can a champion keep the cup, World Cup after World Cup? 

The answer to all of these questions are one and the same. Ready? The answer is love.

How can you win the World Cup of Life?

Imagine that you are a professional soccer player, and your biggest goal is to win the World Cup. Attaining your goal is more a mental and emotional feat than you imagine. What would you have to do in order to fast track your mind to the reality of winning the cup? Most will say you have to think like a winner and love winning, but more than that, you have to love soccer and everything that is related to the world of soccer. 

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It saddens me to learn that Dr. Maya Angelou has died, and with her a piece of the civil rights era. In the course of history, people fall into two categories, the doers and observers. I love Maya Angelou, because she fell into both categories and to me acted as the glue that held them together. While she organized with Malcolm X and published, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, she lived through decades of history and processed life’s joy and pain with cultural giants such as, Betty Shebaz, Correta Scott King, Ossie Davis, Celia Cruz, James Baldwin, Martin Luther King Jr. and Alex Haley, over coffee and laughter. She was an inspiration to these great people, as much as she was to those of us, who didn’t know her personally.

We knew her through her vivid poetry and memoirs, and I almost feel like through her eyes, I witnessed segregation end, women overcome sexism and rape, and the world of black intellectuals and artists come alive in a dinner party, like a red carpet Hollywood event, with the biggest celebrities parading around. This first of the month blog is for Maya Angelou, and three things she has helped reinforce in me: creating art with a message, cherishing love and lovers, and living life as divine romance.  

1. Art for Service

There is a brand of artistic pursuit called RAWA (Renaissance Artists and Writers Association) founded by P.R. Sarkar, Indian revolutionary and mystic. RAWA artists are committed to performing art for service and not create art for art’s sake. Personally, I can appreciate all art, whether it is for service or entertainment, but I have a soft spot for art that is done for service.

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Posted by on in Tarot

b2ap3_thumbnail_images_Fotor_20140515-045804_1.jpgHR Giger (Feb. 5, 1940 - May 12, 2014)

Have you ever seen the movie Alien? Well, HR Giger won an Academy Award for designing Alien. I have to admit, dark, gothic images are not my number one choice when it comes to art. However, I have always been a fan of surrealist art, and HR Giger's "bio-mechanical" brand of surrealism captured my imagination, and I'm sad to see the world lose an artist of his caliber. As I look through Giger's images, I am instantly reminded of my other favorite brand of surrealism, the Rider Waite tarot cards.

It is striking how so many of Giger's pieces could easily convey the meaning of the tarot, with a much darker and haunting twist, of course. I personally would not use the "Giger deck" in a reading, because it would undoubtedly freak out the average person, let alone those newly curious about tarot. Any ways, there are two things that I love to do, one is talk and learn about creative geniuses, and the other is reading tarot! So I thought we would spend our time together looking at Giger's paintings, and assigning them to tarot cards. HR Giger was a fan of tarot, this is a fun way to honor him.

The Fool, The Magician, and the High Priestess


The Fool - Do you notice the thin, flamboyant person walking on her tippy-toes, with two ravenous mouths in the background, waiting for the perfect moment to swallow her? It reminds me of the Fool card, because like in the Rider Waite deck, the Fool is about to walk off a cliff, and is too happy, eccentric, or fabulous to notice.

The Magician - The Magician is the initiator of the tarot, from which all the other cards derive. He holds a wand and is about to strike the tarot story into motion, not much different than what we see this character doing, in HR Giger's piece.

The High Priestess - She is the keeper of all things occult, mysterious, and divine. She sees everything with her third eye, and sits between two pillars labeled, B and J (Boaz and Jachin). Here in HR Giger's image, we see a woman also between two pillars, and she is breaking through chaos and illusions, seeing with eyes from within.

The Empress, The Emperor, and The Chariot


The Empress - She is the embodiment of beauty, nature, and nurture. In this HR Giger image, she is surrounded by what look like her children, and a serpent slides across her third eye, representing a deep awareness of nature.  

The Emperor - He is a man of order, convention, and with his presence, commands obedience. The crown on top of HR Giger's man, and the square outline of his shoulders, all embody the towering effect the emperor has over his subordinates. 

The Chariot - The Chariot represents drive, energy, and travel. As you can see here, HR Giger created an image that fits that description, with an added, bulldozing, commando effect. 

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