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Now available March-April dates for Make Meditation A Daily Habit: A Four Week Intensive Course!

Course begins March 21 - April 11, every Saturday at 1PM. Register today and take advantage of the early bird discount. Register at www.tantrameditation.eventbrite.com

Here is a testimonial from a previous course graduate:

"Thank you Gustavo for an enjoyable and enlightening course in meditation. I couldn't have picked a better teacher for my introduction to this subject. Your patience, kindness, and knowledge have inspired me to continue learning and I am looking forward to taking another course with you in the future. The benefits of meditation are profound and I urge anyone interested not to hesitate in taking a class with this wonderful teacher."

- Jean C. 2/9/15

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Are you ready to make meditation a part of your daily routine?

Join me in a four week intensive course to take your practice to another level and make meditation a life-long habit. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this course will help you explore tantra yoga, philosophy, and meditation techniques with fresh eyes and trained practitioners. 

I've practiced tantra meditation for almost 15 years now, and continue to edify my technique and understanding through the help of my teacher, fellow practitioners, seminars, retreats, and monks. I practice meditation lessons that have been updated and passed down from yogis in the Himalaya mountains for over 7000 years, deepening each limb of Astaunga Yoga with practice. I love teaching! I am a full time professor of developmental English at Northern Virginia Community College, so I know how to reach students, especially those at a beginner level. Your classmates and myself will help make your commitment to practicing meditation daily a reality and a joyful experience. Since April of 2014, I have taught weekly 30 minute meditation classes at Sunday Yoga, but now I am ready to take you deep into the heart and discipline of meditation in this intensive course, which will heighten your awareness, and change the way you see the world and yourself.

Course goals

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Be able to sit for meditation for 20 minutes twice a day and enjoy it
  • Experience a noticeably greater degree of inner peace, stress reduction, and sense of well being
  • Evaluate the effect of your daily habits on your body and be able to make informed and conscious choices on how to improve your health and vitality
  • Understand and practice, at the introductory level, the meditation technique of Tantra Yoga - a 7000 year old tradition 
  • Make changes in your daily routine that will increase your spiritual understanding and self knowledge
  • Understand yourself and what motivates you with a greater degree of self awareness
  • Examine your own personal values in light of the timeless philosophy of yoga
  • Concentrate and focus better, both in and outside of meditation, keeping your attention more in the present moment
  • Identify obstacles in your spiritual path and understand how to overcome them
  • Feel a greater degree of spiritual awareness
  • Create a foundation for the next step on the path of Tantra Yoga and have found a community of like minded meditators
  • Be able to legitimately claim the glorious title of tantric meditator!

 What you get for the price

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Tim_Cook_2009_cropped.jpg"I'm proud to be gay," says Tim Cook, CEO of Apple who succeeded the late Steve Jobs. He made headlines when he wrote a definitive coming out essay on October 30th in Bloomberg Businessweek. In this blog post I will analyze 4 benefits for society and the LGBT movement regarding Tim Cook's proactive step toward sexual equality.

1. Impact on Future Generations: Just like Barack Obama becoming president gave black children an example of professional, political, and social achievement, Tim Cook is a great example for gay youth advancing their careers and goals. Young gay people are still bullied and marginalized in schools, their communities, religious groups, and families. Knowing Apple's CEO is gay, will help these young people fully actualize themselves, considering how gay people are made to feel like their sexuality is a sickness or character flaw. The message for the youth is, "I can be whatever I want to be, even CEO of a Fortune 500 company and my sexual orientation should not be a threat or point of objection." The emphasis on role models cannot be understated. Plenty of psychological evidence suggests how children learn behavior and character traits from parents and likewise learn to develop their goals and dreams from public figures that have come before them. 

2. Hiring Practices and Gay People in Positions of Power: Tim Cook was promoted to be the CEO of Apple after being senior vice president since 1998. These decisions were made by share holders and top executives, who knew him closely and knew he was gay. Though he admits he kept his private life to himself, as most of us do, his sexuality was not a red flag when making him CEO. His work ethic and character superseded any stereotypes or homophobia from people who might question his ability to run the company. Too often gay people and other groups outside of the dominant culture are defined by what makes them different and are homogenized with others of their social group.

Society has a tendency to glorify individuals. Therefore, it is important to note that Tim Cook's leadership would not exist if it weren't for the team around him also responsible for his achievement. Now Apple sets a precedent for employers and companies to hire people who are openly gay and promote them to positions of power without questioning their sexual orientation. People may not realize the urgency to promote openness in the workforce, but a recent 2014 Human Rights Campaign survey showed that 53% of gay Americans are still closeted in the work space. Tim Cook was concerned with this issue and in his essay alluded to the fact that in many states gay people are still fired for their sexual orientation.  


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